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Acavallo Therapeutic Gel Pad


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This Shaped therapeutic anti slip gel pad is made thicker than the light weight pad- giving it a dual purpose both anti-slip and shock absorbing. It can be used directly onto the skin or between a numnah and the saddle. This special gel is non-toxic hyper allergenic and will not react adversely to the skin. It will stop any unwanted movement of the saddle both back & forth and side to side.

These pads are shaped and moulded to the saddle with a slightly thinner depth of gel running down the centre of the pad allowing the gel to sit up in the gullet rather than pushing down on the wither and spine.  This gel can also be cut to the size of the saddle if needed

The gel pad is easy to clean by simply running it under water using a mild soap.

H max = 8mm h min =6.5mm Volume :1.2dm3

Available in Black (R1006.65) & Transparent (limited stock, R1156.00)


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