Noseband, Drop


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Invented by a German trainer who worked at the Spanish Riding School, this noseband encircles the horse’s nose at a lower point than its regular counterpart: below the bit and at a point parallel to the horse’s chin groove, yet still resting on the nasal bone. Worn properly, this noseband is a clear reminder for your horse to keep his mouth closed and prevents him from crossing his jaw. It’s a popular aid in training young horses who are just learning to accept the bit. The drop used to be quite popular in dressage, but that has given way to crank-with-flash combinations. Some riders and trainers say that the drop’s low position on the nose makes it less flattering to the look of their horses’ heads and attribute its decrease in popularity to that. The drop’s placement also makes it unsuitable for attaching a martingale.

Also used commonly by polo and polocrosse players.

Colours: Black and Brown. Sizes: Cob and Full


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