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Stubben Neoprene Girth



Stubben Neoprene Dressage Girth 210 is a soft, comfortable, non-slip neoprene dressage girth, easy to clean and quick to dry.

Provides excellent additional grip and security for all treeless saddles. The roller buckles have a good rounded padding so they won’t pinch your horse’s side.

  • Easy to wash clean and quick to dry
  • Provides excellent additional grip and security for all saddles, particularly treeless ones
  • Highly recommended for those horses with sensitive skin and girth areas
  • The shock absorbing neoprene acts as a second skin, always moving with your horse, not against it
  • Neoprene does not absorb moisture or sweat, assists prevention of slipping
  • The combination roller buckles provide easy adjustment, uniform pressure, even pull and do not require over-tightening
  • Girth straps can be tucked inside the neoprene sleeve
  • Machine washable


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