The Herbal Horse Farrier Mix



The Herbal Horse Farriers’ Mix is a blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals formulated to increase the strength of the hoof. The mix contains biotin, methionine and zinc. These are three substances which, when lacking in the horse’s diet, cause weak, brittle or sensitive hooves. Farriers’ mix also contains other vitamins, minerals and amino acids and doubles up as an effective all round conditioner. It is recommended for your horse if your horse’s hooves are weak or brittle, your horse is often footsore or if it is difficult to keep shoes on your horse’s hooves for any length of time. Dosage: 15g per day. Sizes: 500g.

Per Daily Amount of 15g
Methionine 2g
Magnesium 1.7g
Rosehips 750mg
Choline Chloride 300mg
Zinc 215mg
Vitamin C 120mg
Copper 38mg
Biotin 30mg


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